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-Good job and income

-Struggling with women, sex & relationships

-Looking for intelligent, attractive, high quality women

-Ready to take action & push your comfort zone

-Ready to do what it takes to become the best version of yourself

We Help Guys Like You Get More Dates, Sex & Quality Relationships

I’m Justin, my team and I help guys get more confident, take effective action, and meet and date attractive women.

Most of our clients have trouble with approaching attractive women and having great conversations.

We hear challenges like these all the time:


“I get nervous when I see a girl, or around people in general”
“I can talk to girls but the conversation always gets boring and goes nowhere
“I feel awkward approaching women I don’t know”
“I don’t want to look like a creep or a weirdo talking to girls”
“I meet women but always end up in the friend zone… how do I create sexual attraction?
“I don’t want to be fake around women, I want to feel natural and authentic
“I have the bad habit of letting women (or people in general) walk all over me
“There’s this one girl I’m having trouble with…”
“I want to take control of my dating life for a change, instead of just relying on luck”
“I need feedback and coaching in the field; I don’t know what I’m doing right or wrong”


Before working with us, our clients might run out of things to say, be afraid of failure or rejection, or have no social circle.

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Read below to see how we tackle these problems and achieve real, lasting, transformation…

We Focus on 3 Main Areas

1. Lifestyle

What you do on a daily basis, hobbies & social life, the kinds of people you hang around, your current living situation, health & fitness, & career status

attractive lifestyle

2. Mindset

Confronting negative beliefs about yourself and about women, eliminating the fear of rejection, & developing strong inner confidence

Strong mindset

3. Action

Overcoming approach anxiety, making progress in your conversation skills, flirting skills, body language, physical touch, leading on dates, & more

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The Three Elements of Your

Personalized Training

1. Analysis & Vision

Where you are starting:

We will go over your current situation in 3 key areas:
Dating and social life, Career and finances, and Health and fitness. Our main focus is dating and social, but everything is connected.


Attraction & Seduction Q&A:

Answers to your specific questions on attraction, approaching, conversations, dates, and more. You will start to see the larger connections between attraction and your overall lifestyle.


First steps:

You will get exercises and assignments to begin the process. We will tailor them to your needs, whether you have lots of approach anxiety, weak conversation skills, having trouble converting numbers into dates, or more


2. Live Real-World Coaching


I will show you my own approaching style and how I am social with strangers. I will explain positive and negative reactions from women, and you will pick up my vibe and confidence.


Live practice and feedback:

You will approach on your own and by my side. We will open up your comfort zone gradually. Approaching and conversation goals will not be easy, but not overwhelming either. I will give you feedback step-by-step along the way.


Cold & Warm approaching:

You will learn how to meet women in both cold (stranger) and warm (social) settings. You will develop a natural ability to meet and attract women in any situation.


3. Assignments &
Supplementary Coaching


You will get regular assignments to complete on your own time, focusing on skills like: approaching during the day, flirting with women, asking for phone numbers, having fun dates and more


Fashion & style:

Where applicable, we will work with a men’s style expert to improve your look and image.


Dating apps & more:

You will get valuable info about online dating and dating apps (Tinder, Ok Cupid, Bumble and more) and how to use them effectively

Where applicable, we will tackle other supplementary topics like fitness, diet, career, or business


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Client Feedback

Check out some feedback from clients who have taken one-on-one and group programs with me and my assistant coaches

I attended a weekend Bootcamp with Justin and what a great experience that was. He was quickly able to assess my sticking points. This allowed me to just focus on pivotal areas, thinking less and accomplishing more. In field, he was able to break down my interactions and suggest tweaks that made the next one smoother. What a difference I made from day 1 to day 2. Highly recommend his Bootcamp and looking forward to the next one.

–Miguel, CT

…Justin’s advice makes a lot of sense. He’s interested in pushing you out of your comfort zone but always acknowledges who you are as an individual and who you want to be as a man. He’s down-to-earth and full of practical suggestions to help you attain your goals, but will never tell you your standards are too high or your expectations unrealistic.

–Jeff, Brooklyn, NY

 Justin is where it all began for me, with his coaching, insight, and motivation I have reached and continue to reach new levels in game. I highly recommend him as a coach.

–Carlos, NJ

I would very highly recommend Justin as a dating coach. He has helped me move effortlessly through sticking points that had hindered my progress for a long time. He knows the “map” of seduction and how to flow through the stages of approach to seduction. He can instantly put his finger on where the next stage of growth should occur. He also has a very accessible and pleasant personal manner which really helps when things get personal.


 Justin is the real deal. Only a couple of sessions in, I see that my game has improved leaps and bounds. Approaching women successfully, something that I’ve struggled with before, is much easier now. Justin’s insights on body language and nonverbal communication were amazing and helped me to communicate better with women (and people in general). Best of all, Justin gets introverts like me and understands my mentality. Sessions with Justin were worth every penny.

–N.M., Manhattan, NY

As this was my first coaching experience I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after a brief exchange I felt pretty comfortable with Justin. As I did my initial approaches with girls in the daytime I didn’t feel as though I was rushed and more importantly, judged for approach anxiety or other faults. The comfort I experienced coupled with the sound advice given to me by Justin elevated my approaches with girls to a higher level. I was exposed to and practiced more direct openers which I was previously intimidated by and was also given some advice on conveying emotion to girls which was a new tool for me to experiment with. Much of what I took away from the coaching session has had a significant affect on how I approach and interact with girls today.


I was a bit apprehensive about doing such a dating bootcamp, however, all my fears were allayed after talking to Justin before I signed up. He assured me that we would not be doing any crazy ‘dancing monkey’ style game and instead, it would be all natural/relaxed stuff which is exactly what I was after. Previous to Justin’s coaching sessions, my daygame and nightgame interactions and conversations with women were pretty pathetic. Justin quickly broke it down for me and made it easy to see where I was going wrong both in terms of inner and outer game. After taking on more and more of Justin’s advice I was soon approaching hot women in all sorts of scenarios and venues, having great conversations and getting solid numbers. In particular, Justin taught me the importance of using emotional and sexual content in conversations rather than just my usual ‘informational’ content. It wasn’t until after the weekend was over that everything sank in and hit me fully , my only regret was that I hadn’t done something like this ten or fifteen years ago. Justin is a super coach and sound guy and I would highly recommend his expertise.

–Emmett, Bronx, NY

I just wanted to say your program was a jump start to the path of my self actualization. Through your approach, I learned a lot about myself like how I come off to others and what makes me attractive to women. The fact that you were never trying to sell a style of approach to me was awesome! Instead, you were just working on improving what I already had going on and that made learning from you really comfortable and organic.

As a result of taking the program, I’ve become a lot more sociable and comfortable talking to people in all settings. My self confidence has improved vastly and taking action in getting what I want, comes more easily whether it be in the streets, club or even at my office.

Justin, you been a great help! I just wanted to take the chance to thank you for the effort your part to put together such a well-designed, progressive and honest program.


I found Justin through a meetup group. And I took the leap in taking his conversation mastery program. I was not shy when it came to talking to girls, but I discovered that I was caught up with the notion of how to get them to my bed. This was not only spoiling my conversations, but I was stopping myself from the flow of energy between me and the woman. The way I carry myself, the way I look at me has changed during the course. Thanks to Justin.

Deep inside, I also realized that although I had the nerve to carry my desire for women, I was ashamed of it; so I hid myself. I was creating a barrier in my communication with them. When there is no openness when you communicate, you can never open her up in the bed as well. No, i did not start getting super laid overnight. But I started owning my actions and myself. And guys, you know that nothing is sexier to a woman than a man in control! I have never felt manlier in life. Because I have started being my whole self. Thanks to Justin, as well as Dexter, for opening this up to me!


 Justin and Mike have a great approach to dating for guys: simple, effective, empowering, and fun as hell. They focus on the most important but often elusive area of all—a strong mindset. In seminar, I learned simple but amazingly helpful ways to distinguish thought patterns that were holding me back, and replace those with more empowering possibilities. I’m absolutely confident these skills will improve not just my dating life, but also my success and happiness in other areas like my business and social networks. Best of all, Justin and Mike’s philosophy lets you have fun being yourself—you’ll never be asked to learn any canned lines or memorize any silly routines. Rather than feeding your insecurities, Justin and Mike allow you to recognize and master your own unproductive thought patterns in order to truly express yourself and connect with others. Beyond that, they are absolutely great guys to know and fun to work with. I wish them all the best future success.

–A.W., Queens, NY

If you’re undecided about the value of coaching then Justin is your man. For him it’s not about becoming a “pick-up-artist” but about cultivating the right mindset, recognising opportunities and developing the skills to connect with people. Justin takes the time to understand your situation so that he can push you in the areas where you’d learn the most. I’ve really benefitted from his positive perspective on dating and I’m sure you can too.

–Lawrence, Sydney, Australia

 Justin has taught me that action is the best medicine to my hangups with women and even life. He is sympathetic to my anxieties at the start of the session, but wastes no time to shake me out of my fears and take initiative without second-guessing. He gives clean and clear feedback as to what I need to work on, and it leads to dramatic improvements. It also helps that he is a normal dude who will look out for you and never treat you like you’re just a client.

–Mark, NYC

The #1 thing that I’ve learned is that you have to do this for yourself. Because you want to grow as a person, you want to be a more social person… you’re not doing it to seek approval from other people, to seek approval from women. All of my life I have always been a people-pleaser. What I’ve come to realize after doing this for several months, is that even if I’m out of favor with someone because I set a boundary, so what, was that person worth being in my life to begin with?

No matter what, I’m never going to go back to where I was before. I think I’ve come too far now. My mindset has changed, you feel it on the inside, there’s been a shift. I feel I can handle myself a lot better than I could when I first started this.

-Max, CT

I think the biggest thing I learned is the approaching: there’s a huge stigma in society that approaching someone random is just not normal… But I think if you do it in a genuine way, people are open to it, and people are nicer than you think!

The second thing I’ve learned is that rejection is part of the game. I think a lot of guys who haven’t approached that many women are fearful of being rejected… Getting used to rejection helps not only in your dating life but with all other things…

-Peter, NYC

I found my Skype calls with Justin incredibly positive. Rather than just offering me generic advice, he took time to understand exactly where I was coming from with my struggles and tailored his approach in terms of how I should forward to me and what stage I was at. Justin is very knowledgable and was understanding of my situation. His advice and plans for me moving forward allowed me to improve my skills with women and in general life, and I had always improved my skills by the next call. I would highly recommend Justin’s service as he played a huge part in my improvement with women, which had a positive knock on effect in all areas of my life

–Calum, UK

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